John Stezaker: Surreal Collages


Amy Mulvenna

About this lesson

British artist John Stezaker reimagines old collages into surreal artworks, challenging mass media's influence and prompting reflection on reality.

John Stezaker: Surreal Collages

Amy Mulvenna

John Stezaker, a British conceptual artist, redefines old-fashioned collages intosurreal masterpieces with his unique scissors technique. Since the 1970s, he manipulates vintage film stills, actor photos, and postcards, transforming their meanings. Inspired by the French Situationist movement, he questions the influence of mass media on our reality. His 'Mask' photo series overlays landscapes onto famous actors' faces, blurring boundaries between real and imagined. Stezaker's work delves into our relationship with images, urging us to reconnect with reality. This week, Dr Mulvenna invites you to explore your own creative expressions in collage, inspired by Stezaker!



You will need:

  • Old photos of you/family members, used with adult permission
  • Images from your favourite magazines and recycled newspapers, cuttings, food packaging etcetera.
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paper