Frida-esque Flower Crowns


Amy Mulvenna

About this lesson

Frida Kahlo, renowned for her surrealist art, depicted her love for Mexico through vibrant imagery like flowers and birds. She also depicted her pets in her paintings, showcasing her Mexican heritage proudly. Discover how to create a portrait with a flower crown in this week’s video, incorporating your cultural background creatively.

Frida-esque Flower Crowns

Amy Mulvenna

Surrealist artist Frida Kahlo often adorned herself with vibrant flowers, birds, and butterflies, reflecting her love for her native Mexico. Following a severe bus accident in 1925, at the age of 18, Kahlo endured months of bed rest, during which she began painting self-portraits. Despite the pain from her injuries, she created 55 self-portraits, rarely showing herself smiling, perhaps as a reflection of her ongoing physical discomfort.

Gardening in the sunny courtyard of her iconic Blue House, Kahlo grew native plants amidst the Mexican heat, including palm trees, cacti, and colourful blooms. Kahlo's affinity for her homeland extended to her pets—two spider monkeys, parakeets, a parrot, an eagle, and a fawn—some of which often appeared in her paintings!

Through her art and dress, Kahlo proudly celebrated her Mexican heritage. In this week’s video, learn how to use simple material to create your own portrait complete with a flower crown. Perhaps you might add a unique spin to showcase your cultural heritage?

You will need:

  • A paper plate
  • A photograph of yourself (optional) or drawing materials to draw yourself
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Tissue paper
  • Colouring materials
  • Images of flowers from photos and/or magazines