Bamboo Art: Guan Daosheng


Jaf Yusuf

About this lesson

Create your own bamboo painting and celebrate Guan Daosheng's incredible legacy!

Bamboo Art: Guan Daosheng

Jaf Yusuf

Born in 1262 in China, Guan Daosheng is considered still today as one of the most famous female artists in Chinese history. She spent time travelling through the rural Chinese countryside when she gained much inspiration for her poetry and paintings. In today's lesson we focus on her well-known bamboo ink paintings. When Daosheng was making art, bamboo was considered a 'masculine' symbol. However, Daosheng incorporated bamboo into landscape artworks that combined her poems, allowing her to tell stories from her life. Follow along to create your own bamboo painting and celebrate Daosheng's incredible legacy!

You will need:

  • two pieces of paper
  • black ink (or watercolour paints)
  • a water pot and paintbrush
  • scissors